The Notes in Spanish Coach:

ALL our Secrets to expressing yourself Fluently in Real-life Spanish conversations, so everyone understands you, and you understand everyone – even fast-talking native-speakers!

(…you’ll be laughing to yourself when you suddenly understand and join in with overheard conversations and fast talking groups in beautiful sunny plazas!)


¡Hola! This is Ben and Marina from Notes in Spanish, creators of the world’s first Spanish-learning podcasts. With over 40 million downloads so far, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of Spanish learners to get fluent and confident in the real, authentic Spanish that is impossible to acquire from a textbook or big-name app.

Ben and Marina – World Leaders in Real Spanish Learning

We know that getting to a high level of Spanish fluency, to get off the endless ‘language-learning plateaus’ and away from ‘Spanish brain-freeze’, can be really frustrating at times – Ben’s been there with Spanish and Marina with English – but through Ben’s journey to total Spanish fluency, and Marina’s native-speaker Spanish, we’ve helped enthusiastic independent learners like you worldwide to get amazing results….

“My confidence has shot up…”

“Ben and Marina are gifted teachers, and they conscientiously consolidate vocab and grammar at all levels. I decided to trust them to do this, and they do! My confidence has shot up along with my speaking ability (like osmosis, really!)”


“My friends in Spain are surprised at my progress”

Far better than any other method. It means I can visit my friends in Spain and have them be surprised at the progress I have made.
…Very highly recommended.


“I can immerse myself into the culture”

A friend recommended Notes in Spanish … I really started to learn useful vocab and grammar, that made me able to connect with people, make friends and immerse myself into the Spanish culture. [Now] I’m fluent and have a bunch of Spanish friends!


Here’s what we’ve got for you:

A Unique Spanish-Language Video Coaching Course and Community – Your Passport to Real Fluency and Connection in The Spanish-Speaking World

The Notes in Spanish Coach consists of 10 Special Video Modules, each in English and Spanish.

That’s 20 Main videos – Plus 3 Bonus videos – covering every aspect of incredibly effective Spanish Fluency learning.

We teach you how to get fluent faster than with any other method, beat “brain-freeze”, remember vocab, and understand native speakers, even in fast-talking groups.

So you connect while on your travels, so you enjoy having real conversations in beautiful locations. So you understand Spanish movies, books, TV, and best of all – real-life conversations (even in groups!)

Our Unique Modular Approach:

Each module is recorded in English and Spanish, so intermediate and advanced learners can choose to take the whole course in English, Spanish, or both, and learn a HUGE amount of new Spanish in the process.

Really Inspired Beginners can go for the Spanish too after watching the modules in English – you can slow the Spanish videos down if necessary – plus we include full transcripts for the Spanish videos, so you don’t miss a thing!

PLUS! >> Community and Live Events!

You Get To Join an Exclusive On-line Community of Real-Spanish-loving peers where you get all your questions answered, AND you can join Ben and Marina LIVE online in ‘Virtual Coach Cafés’!

You’ll overcome all fear of speaking and understanding, whether one to one or in groups.

Ben dealt with this! After silence at many dinner parties with Marina’s friends early-on in our dating, one day he just exploded with speech and joined in every conversation from then on. One of Marina’s friends said, ‘Wow, ¡Ben Habla!’ Ben speaks! – We’ll get you there quicker than Ben!

We’ll teach you how to undo the rapid-blur of language speaking, and understand groups of native speakers and delightful overheard conversations.

Then we’ll teach you how to join in, fluently and effortlessly, with all the right words ready at just the right moments, so you connect with the local speakers and they connect with you.


Fluency Fast: Your Complete Modular Path to Incredibly Effective Spanish Learning, Fluency, and Full Understanding


MODULE 1 – MOTIVATION – Your Spanish Dreams Fulfilled!

The biggest learning accelerator there is, so crucial to get this right! We help you define yours and guide you round the ‘changing-or-lacking-motivation’ pitfalls.

We share some beautiful and ambitious listener dreams and motivations and tell you how they can ALL be fulfilled! Your Spanish dreams will be too!

MODULE 2 – KEY ATTITUDES – No More Speaking Fear! Ever!

We banish speaking-fear, “brain-freeze”, confidence problems, and belittling self-talk forever! Plus the transformative process of welcoming mistakes, and the method for turning them into real fast-track progress.

MODULE 3 – THE PATH OF PRACTICE – Learn Right, Prioritise for Fluent Success!

We’ll find you all the time you need for your Spanish, develop good habits, and tell you exactly how to use your time to prioritise the RIGHT things to learn for your EXACT learning goals.


This is the module that instantly dissolves ‘stuck’ feelings – no more floundering on language learning plateaus, or getting frustrated at your lack of progress. This is about continuously-flowing, UPWARD progress, all the way to Advanced Spanish fluency!

MODULE 5 – SPEAKING SECRETS – Real-Life Fluency Is Yours!

Want total confidence and fluency in Spanish, particularly the transition from speaking one-to-one, to dealing with groups? Particularly in real-life situations with native speakers! You’ve got it!

(Ben and Marina share some personal stories about their own trials and tribulations in this area too – oh yes, madre mía have we suffered at the hands of each other’s family and friends! And we know the ways out!)

MODULE 6 – LISTENING SECRETS – Deciphering the ‘Rapid Blur’ at last! Accents Too!

How to decipher the rapid-fire blur of fast-spoken Spanish, understand Spanish-speakers in groups, and when and where to start with all the Spanish accents. Plus, how to fill your life with the right (and most enjoyable) Spanish listening materials: great recommendations.

MODULE 7 – READING SECRETS – Enjoying Every Minute With No Reading-Perfectionist-Rut!

Want to read ‘100 Years of Solitude’ in Spanish? Or just the news? Or your favourite Spanish Instagramers? Do you know what to read and when (which books? online magazines?), and how much to use a dictionary so it all flows and you don’t get frustrated in a perfectionist rut?

We make sure you’re enjoying reading in Spanish as much as you can – BUT … with the right materials, and only if you need to, to reach your goals! We’ll let you know 🙂

MODULE 8 – WRITING SECRETS – From Total Embarrassment To Getting PAID!

Ben went from writing like a 6 year-old and making Marina laugh at every email he sent her, to being paid to write in Spanish for a real Spanish magazine – We share the full story and teach you the path to writing brilliant Spanish!

MODULE 9 – VOCAB SECRETS – Having All The Right Words, Right When You Need Them!

Fed up with not having the right vocab at your fingertips, ready to use in conversation instantly and effortlessly just when you need it? Frustrated that you can’t remember all the great words and phrases you find? Our Secrets sort all this out at last!

MODULE 10 – EXAMS, GRAMMAR AND CLASSES – Fluent-Subjunctive-Ninja Tactics!

How to nail the grammar once and for all, whether exams are worth it for your situation, and if and when to take classes. Can be a life-changing module!

(Ben went from being a Very-Fluent-Speaker-But-Total-Subjunctive-Disaster to Fluent-Subjunctive-Ninja with the tactics in this module!)

…It’s all about Real-Life Fluency and Rich Spanish-Life-Experiences

Designed to Make YOUR Real-Life Spanish Dream A Reality

Our whole aim is to ensure you have deliciously rich and effortless Spanish-filled experiences…

Sitting in warm sunny plazas, chatting to the waiter and passer’s by, delighting in the conversation between the locals at the next table!

Feeling completely confident in your ability to chat happily about whatever topic of conversation comes up…

Making real Spanish-speaking friends for life-enhancing Spanish-speaking experiences.

We really see you there, and have designed this whole course to make these totally achievable dreams a reality!

What other super-motivated Spanish learners like you say about “The Notes in Spanish Coach” Program:

“Fantastic Way To Learn Spanish”

“I’ve listened to Ben & Marina’s videos for several years (plus doing a daily language app and even, in the last six months, paying for a language tutor), but have learned more in the last few days with Notes In Spanish Coach!”

Joan – Beginner

“Ben and Marina Nailed It!”

I have listened to Notes in Spanish with Ben and Marina for many years. Their newest Brain child, Notes in Spanish Coach, is an amazing offering, combining the best of what they have put out for many years. They speak directly to those of us at home, in our daily lives, trying to learn Spanish amidst the real life issues that we encounter ¡Mil gracias, Ben y Marina!

kate – Intermediate

“The more of Ben and Marina the better”

Ben and Marina are total pros. They have the knowledge and experience of learning another language as adults and therefore can pass on that comprehension to others who are looking for motivation. They offer a very personal and pleasant way to improve your Spanish.

Amie – Advanced


Also included:

…Worth over $800 alone!

Bonus 1: Live events! ‘2x Virtual Coach Cafés with Ben and Marina’! (Value: $400)

During the first four weeks after Coach goes live, when you are all inside and we close enrolment, we’ll be holding two exclusive online events via Zoom.

These special, ‘Virtual Coach Cafés with Ben and Marina’, will be a space for you to ask us anything you like about the course, the videos, and Spanish learning in general. And of course, you can ask your question in Spanish if you want to!

We very rarely offer this level of access – it’s going to be a lot of fun, we can’t wait to see you in these special events!

SUPER BONUS #2. The Coach App!
Put This Course and Community in your Pocket! (Value: $200)

As well as following the course on desktop, you can put the whole Course AND Community on your phone or tablet with the Notes in Spanish Coach Community App – So you can learn and get all your questions answered on the go!

Bonus 3: Three Life-Changing Videos! (Value: $200)

Coach Bonus Video 1 – “Thinking in Spanish”

We look at tips and tricks to help you start thinking in Spanish, which makes a huge difference to your Spanish progress, sky-rockets your fluency and supercharges your ‘Spanish IQ’!

Coach Bonus Video 2 – “Real Life Speaking Opportunities”

We are often told how difficult it is to find real life Spanish-speaking possibilities, so we dive in to proven methods to fill your life with real Spanish Speaking opportunities right now, wherever you are!

Coach Bonus Video 3 – Real Life Case Studies

Ben and Marina dive in to some of the biggest hurdles presented by our listeners giving real-life solutions to real students’ real-life challenges!

Bonus 4: One Month in our Exclusive “Inner Circle” Membership! (Value: Invaluable!!)

This is a big one! We’ll invite you to enjoy one month of our exclusive Inner Circle Membership. Our Inner Circle private community is the most valuable, friendly, exclusive fluency-boosting Spanish-learning experience on the internet! And it’s usually closed to new members!

You’ll be able to ask us and our super ‘Inner Circle profesora’ Ariadna questions on anything you like about the course, Spanish, vocab, learning techniques… and enjoy a month of the exclusive Inner-Circle-Only videos, language tips, and coaching that is normally closed to registration.

The joy of being part of such a massively friendly community will see your Spanish soaring to new heights!


“It Sounds Amazing But… I’m so busy right now, I don’t know if I have time to do this?”

Quite honestly, you don’t have time NOT to do this course – Even just ONE of these videos will save you YEARS of Spanish-learning time and frustration on your path to total fluency.

E.G. do you know what to do when you get stuck on one of the many joy-destroying language-learning plateaus – would you even recognise it? We’ve identified and included SOLUTIONS to this and similar ‘total-discouragement’ problems that “outstanding polyglots” didn’t even know.

We’ll race you off those depressingly-endless ‘learning deserts’ right back to the real joy of learning again.

Plus, this course is MADE for busy people – we address this specifically in the ‘Path of Practice’ Module – How to find hidden time to fit more (and much more enjoyable) Spanish learning into your busy life.


“But… are you sure this course is right for MY level?”

This course solves problems and supercharges the path to total fluency for ALL levels, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

If You’re an INSPIRED BEGINNER… we’ll teach you:

– How to start breaking down the rapid blur of Spanish speech so you soon begin to understand so much more.
– How to prioritise your learning, so you no longer feel overwhelmed, and your motivation stays on fire!
– How to convert your fear of speaking into confidence – you’ll move your one or two word responses towards fluent conversation with real people!
– Tips on how to really learn and keep vocab in your brain forever so you can always express what you want!

If You’re INTERMEDIATE…. You’ll learn:

– How to leap forward when you think your Spanish has plateaued (a common intermediate problem, solved!)
How to break the perfectionism barrier to get your fluency up to scratch so you are happily communicating first and foremost.
– How to understanding fast spoken Spanish and groups of Spanish people so the real you shines in real-life situations!
– How to get from being intermediate to advanced. We’ll get you straight off the intermediate plateau, and onwards to Advanced so you are fluent (and impress the locals!) in multiple topic areas!

If You’re ADVANCED…. You’ll discover:

– How to transform those niggling mistakes you still make into fluency first, then real Spanish accuracy.
– Key tips for listening to ‘Fast Spanish’, groups, and tricky accents, turning these situations into an opportunity for joyful Spanish confidence where you really fit in!
– How to level-up all of your Spanish skills – Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing, and Vocab – lifting your problem areas up to the highest level with the rest so you have a fully rounded Spanish skill-set.
– How to find the opportunity to speak regularly in Spanish – we give you all the ideas and encouragement you need to make this a reality where you connect happily with real, friendly Spanish-speakers.


“I’m 60+ (or 70 or 80+!) years-old and my memory isn’t what it used to be…” – We hear this a lot!

Don’t Worry At All! Actually, this often happens to ALL of us! Even Ben, after 20+ years in Spain, has days where his Spanish brain doesn’t seem to work at all!

Our ‘Vocab Secrets’ Module will give you all the techniques you need to keep your Spanish memory sharp, while Module 4 – ‘How Language Learning Really Works’ – shows how common problems that often masquerade as age-related a) apply to us all and b) are totally solvable – at any age!
! Then your confidence and Spanish shine again and wonderful Spanish life experiences open up – at any age!

Fluent or Floundering? … The Hard Truth: There are Two Different Learner Types – Which Do YOU Want To Be?


At EVERY stage and age there are two different Spanish learners – One ends up floundering in a mire of muddy difficulties and seemingly impassable plateaus, usually giving up, the Other, YOU! – the unstoppable 5% – ends up reaching and happily delighting in Real Spanish fluency forever.

This course will keep YOU in that super-happy, top 5%, on course to total life-long fluency no matter what your age or level, younger, older, Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced. We invite you to stay with us effortlessly and enjoyably in that top 5%!

Instant Access – Right Now!

You’ll be using the outstanding materials in this course and vastly improving your Spanish right now, on any device, as soon as you complete the purchase process.

Plus there’s ZERO RISK with our DOUBLE Guarantee

Guarantee 1: 30-Day Full Money-Back Guarantee

Dig in to your Coach course and all the bonuses and we absolutely guarantee you’ll learn a huge amount of Spanish from us, but if you aren’t happy, then neither are we, so we offer a full 30-day refund if you decide this isn’t right for you.

We are so convinced that this membership will help you significantly improve your Spanish, that we are absolutely DELIGHTED to offer you this 100%, 30-Day total money-back guarantee.

Guarantee 2: Full Support for Fluent Success

Our support is Guaranteed. Learning Spanish can have its tricky moments – if you’ve got any questions about how to make the most of your Coach course to improve your Spanish, just email us and our support team and coaches will set you on the right track to faster fluency again

We’ve helped thousands of learners reach full Spanish fluency and confidence, and we really care about you getting there too – that’s why we offer so much support and such a strong double-guarantee.

…But the only thing guaranteed not to help your Spanish is ignoring this amazing Notes in Spanish Coach course today. So…


The “Notes in Spanish Coach” is the Best Investment in your Spanish you may ever make!

You’re getting:

– Ten Core Video
Modules And Bonuses (23 videos including the 3 Bonuses!) – So you learn to speak Real Spanish in Real Situations with Real PeopleFluently!

Ten Full transcripts of the videos recorded in Spanish (remember every Module is recorded in separate English and Spanish videos) so you’ll learn a HUGE amount of new, exciting real Spanish from this course – plus we teach you how to remember and use it all for amazing real-life experiences!

BONUSES WORTH OVER $800 including:

– Two Live online events! ‘2x Virtual Coach Cafés with Ben and Marina’! – where we solve your personal, real Spanish challenges so you know just how to move forward, fast!

This Course in the Notes in Spanish App, so you can improve your Spanish and get your questions answered on-the-go!

3 immensely valuable Bonus Videos, “Thinking in Spanish”, “Real Life Speaking Opportunities” and “Real Life Case Studies”, each of which will vastly accelerate your path to fluency and connection with real Spanish speakers.

One Month inside our exclusive ‘Inner Circle’ Community so Ben, Marina and an incredibly friendly community can help out with all your Spanish-learning questions – plus you get access to our growing library of Inner-Circle Only ‘Real Spanish’ Videos and language tips that will take your fluency and understanding to whole new levels!

You can keep struggling with the mostly-invisible hurdles blocking you from complete fluency and understanding, or you can take this course with its incredible video content, live events and community, leap those hurdles and accelerate right past the people doing a few minutes a day on a ‘big-name-app’ and hoping for the best.

Why not make THIS the day where you start making thrilling, real-Spanish fluency and amazing real-life-experiences a reality?

¡A POR ELLO! Go for it! This is a limited-enrolment, incredible course like no other, with a 100% 30 day full-satisfaction Guarantee!

What to do next – Order Now:

“YES Ben and Marina! Please give me access to the Notes in Spanish Coach course Right Now!”

Note: Last Chance! Enrolment is limited and closes TONIGHT, Friday, at Midnight PST, so we can fully concentrate on helping the limited number of Super-Spanish-learners in this course with ‘Virtual Café’ online events and inside our Private ‘Inner Circle’ community.

We don’t know when we’ll be opening up this course again, so:

Click the ‘Buy Now’ Button below, complete the whole payment process, and you will get instant access to the Notes in Spanish Coach (See you on the inside!):

US$ 297.00

INSTANT ACCESS! 100% 30 Day Full Money-Back Guarantee!

More Fantastic Listener Feedback on How This Course has Transformed their Spanish Learning Experience!

“A real boost for my motivation!”

“I’ve been listening to the Notes in Spanish podcasts for over 2 years now. I always enjoy them and have really learnt a lot. But I have to say the Notes in Spanish Coach is even a cut above that. This course gives you the feeling of sitting down together with Ben and Marina to discuss problems and find solutions. As a coach customer you feel personally taken care of. It’s been a great boost to my motivation to carry on learning Spanish.”


“El Mejor Curso!”

Ben and Marina  – keep doing what you continue to do so well! First, the podcasts, then the videos, and now the Coach Course. I love how listening and watching you both makes me feel I am in your living room, or out on a hiking trail with you as you share not only the Spanish language with us, but also, part of your lives as well. 
‘Mil gracias’ 🙂


“Great advice for those at all stages of learning Spanish”

Here is a wealth of information to help you learn Spanish more effectively.  Whether you are a beginner or an advanced Spanish student there are many nuggets of solid gold waiting for you to discover in the Coach course.


Order Now!

If you have any questions about the course, just email us here or use WhatsApp chat below. We’re delighted to help.

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