The Notes in Spanish Coach:

ALL our Secrets to expressing yourself Fluently in Real-life Spanish conversations, so everyone understands you, and you understand everyone – even fast-talking native-speakers!

Save years beating common and ‘invisible’ hurdles – Find hidden time for hugely enjoyable Spanish learning – Accelerate your path to Fear-Free Spanish Fluency in your Dream Spanish-speaking situations.

(…you’ll be laughing to yourself when you suddenly understand and join in with overheard conversations and fast talking groups!)

We’ll work on Speaking Secrets, much easier Vocab learning and retention, motivation, goals, and a step by step path to achieve them…

The best language-learning habits and routines, a full understanding or how FUN and efficient language learning really works, really interesting reading, listening and viewing suggestions…

We’ll be supercharging the four main skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing), tell you whether to take exams, plus lots more Ben and Marina Spanish-loving happiness, Priority feedback channels for all your extra needs, and Special-access private Q and As.

We’re even going to have you thinking directly in Spanish to cut that pesky slow-coach ‘inner-translator’ out for good!

Prepared by World-Leaders in Real Spanish Learning

Ben and Marina – World Leaders in Real Spanish Learning

Why are Ben and Marina are the most qualified people on the internet to teach this course and move you rapidly towards your full-fluency dreams?

We’ve been teaching Spanish to thousands, more like hundreds of thousands or learners – 40 MILLION podcast downloads over 16 years – and correspond daily with learners sorting out their real-life learning needs.

After we solved one difficulty for a ‘stuck’ (and pretty fed up!) self-teaching intermediate learner recently, he wrote back:

“I’ve communicated with several excellent polyglots, podcast creators etc, and your answer was one of my favourites – you are the only ones who have taught me that fluency is not a linear process… Thanks for your encouragement!

We “Invented” The Format!

World leaders in Real-Spanish teaching, we started the first ever Spanish-teaching podcast in 2005 – pretty much when podcasts were invented!

We apparently also accidentally ‘invented’ the “language-teaching-couple” podcast format that is so popular now!

As one Spanish-learning Internet-Pro put it to Ben, “You and Marina are industry leaders, you’ve helped pioneer the online language learning model via podcasts and supporting materials.”

Here’s what we’ve got for you: A Unique, Top-Level Spanish-Language Video Coaching Course

The Notes in Spanish Coach consists of 10 Special Video Modules, each in English and Spanish.

That’s 20 Main videos – Plus 2 Bonus videos – over FIVE HOURS of top-level language coaching covering every aspect of incredibly effective Spanish Fluency learning.

Each module is recorded in English and Spanish, so intermediate and advanced learners can choose to take the whole course in English, Spanish, or both, and learn a HUGE amount of new Spanish in the process.

Really Inspired Beginners can go for the Spanish too after watching the modules in English – you can slow the Spanish videos down if necessary – plus we include full transcripts for the Spanish videos, so you don’t miss a thing!

PLUS! You Get A Private ‘Coach-Only’ Priority Email Channel to Ben and Marina and Exclusive Group Q and A’s!


Fluency Fast: Your Complete Modular Path to Incredibly Effective Spanish Learning


MODULE 1 – MOTIVATION – Your Spanish Dreams Fulfilled!

The biggest learning accelerator there is, so crucial to get this right! We help you define yours and guide you round the ‘changing-or-lacking-motivation’ pitfalls.

Best of all: we share some beautiful and ambitious listener dreams and motivations and tell you how they can ALL be fulfilled! Yours will be too!

MODULE 2 – KET ATTITUDES – No More Speaking Fear! Ever!

We banish speaking-fear, “brain-freeze”, confidence problems, and belittling self-talk forever! Plus the transformative process of welcoming mistakes, and the method for turning them into real fast-track progress.

MODULE 3 – THE PATH OF PRACTICE – Learn Right, Prioritise for Fluent Success!

We’ll find you all the time you need for your Spanish, develop good habits, and tell you exactly how to use your time to prioritise the RIGHT things to learn for your EXACT situation.


This is the module that instantly dissolves ‘stuck’ feelings – no more floundering on language learning plateaus, or getting frustrated at your lack of progress. This is about continuously-flowing, UPWARD progress, all the way to Advanced Spanish fluency!

As the ‘stuck’ intermediate learner we helped told us after speaking to multiple polyglots and language specialists, “You are the only ones who have taught me that fluency is not a linear process…” Sí Señor, we know our stuff!

MODULE 5 – SPEAKING SECRETS – Real-Life Fluency Is Yours!

Want total confidence and fluency in Spanish, particularly the transition from speaking one-to-one, to dealing with groups? Particularly in real-life situations with native speakers! You’ve got it!

(Ben and Marina share some personal stories about their own trials and tribulations in this area too – oh yes, madre mía have we’ve suffered at the hands of each other’s family and friends! And we know the ways out!)

MODULE 6 – LISTENING SECRETS – Deciphering the ‘Rapid Blur’ at last! Accents Too!

How to decipher the rapid-fire blur of fast-spoken Spanish, understand Spanish-speakers in groups, and when and where to start with all the Spanish accents. Plus, how to fill your life with the right (and most enjoyable) Spanish listening materials: great recommendations.

MODULE 7 – READING SECRETS – Enjoying Every Minute With No Reading-Perfectionist-Rut!

Want to read ‘100 Years of Solitude’ in Spanish? Or just the news? Or your favourite Spanish Instagramers? Do you know what to read and when (which books? online magazines?), and how much to use a dictionary so it all flows and you don’t get frustrated in a perfectionist rut?

We make sure you’re enjoying reading in Spanish as much as you can – BUT … with the right materials, and only if you need to, to reach your goals! We’ll let you know 🙂

MODULE 8 – WRITING SECRETS – From Total Embarrassment To Getting PAID!

Ben went from writing like a 6 year-old and making Marina laugh at every email he sent her, to being paid to write in Spanish for a real Spanish magazine – We share the full story and teach you the path to writing brilliant Spanish!

MODULE 9 – VOCAB SECRETS – Having All The Right Words, Right When You Need Them!

Fed up with not having the right vocab at your fingertips, ready to use in conversation instantly and effortlessly just when you need it? Frustrated that you can’t remember all the great words and phrases you find? Our Secrets sort all this out at last!

MODULE 10 – EXAMS, GRAMMAR AND CLASSES – Fluent-Subjunctive-Ninja Tactics!

How to nail the grammar once and for all, whether exams are worth it for your situation, and if and when to take classes. Can be a life-changing module!

(Ben went from being a Very-Fluent-Speaker-But-Total-Subjunctive-Disaster to Fluent-Subjunctive-Ninja with the tactics in this module!)

…It’s all about Real-Life Fluency and Rich Spanish-Life-Experiences

We REALLY did the work preparing this course!

We collected over 1,000 responses to two major questions in a recent Notes in Spanish listener survey: What’s your biggest Spanish learning challenge? What is your dream outcome with your Spanish?

We had over 1,000 rows of Excel data to go through – genuine NIS Listener challenges and concerns – and over a period of WEEKS we carefully analysed EVERY SINGLE RESPONSE and incorporated every single solution into this course:

You’ll overcome all fear of speaking and understanding, whether one to one or in groups.

Ben dealt with this! After silence at many dinner parties with Marina’s friends early-on in our dating, one day he just exploded with speech and joined in every conversation from then on. One of Marina’s friends said, ‘Wow, ¡Ben Habla!’ Ben speaks! – We’ll get you there quicker than Ben!

We’ll teach you how to undo the rapid-blur of language speaking, and understand groups of native speakers and delightful overheard conversations.

We’ll even show you how to find more time to learn more Spanish, and how to really ENJOY Spanish learning – NO MORE ‘GRIND’! – It’s the KEY to learning more, faster.

Vocab Secrets: The Right Words At Exactly The Right Moment

We’ll show you how to learn the right vocabulary, remember it, and have it right at your fingertips in Spanish-speaking situations.

We’ll teach you the real mechanics of learning a language, so you don’t get demotivated or stuck at tricky language-learning moments.

Beating “Brain-Freeze…” And Intercambio Delight

We’ll identify certain hidden attitudes and phycological barriers to effective learning and fluency (we’ve all had Spanish “Brain-Freeze”!) so they no longer hold you back.

We’ll teach you how get an intercambio (conversation-exchange) and what to do with them, and why this is SO important.

Plus, how intercambios can lead to amazing, rich Spanish life experiences (Ben and Marina started out as intercambios so we know a thing or two about this!)

We’ll tell you whether to do an exam, and how it can revolutionise certain aspects of language learning – we’ll clear up if it’s right for you or not. (Ben did the top-level C2 exam at a specific point in his learning journey, with very life-changing results – we’ll share the story!)

Our Massive Experience, ‘Bottled’!

We share ALL our secrets from a decade and a half of world-leading Spanish teaching. We’ve held nothing back. 100% of our secrets to better speaking, listening, reading, writing, vocab and grammar are included in this course!

In short, with our massive experience and dedication to answering every challenge brought forth in those 1,000 rows of excel data, we’ll cure every language learning difficulty, challenge and hurdle no matter what your level.

And if you still have questions, you can use the NIS Coach Priority Email Channel to get answers from us!

Designed to Make YOUR Real-Life Spanish Dream A Reality

Our whole aim is to ensure you have deliciously rich and effortless Spanish-filled experiences…

Sitting in warm sunny plazas, chatting to the waiter and passer’s by, delighting in the conversation between the locals at the next table!

Feeling completely confident in your ability to chat happily about whatever topic of conversation comes up…

Making real Spanish-speaking friends for life-enhancing Spanish-speaking experiences.

We really see you there, and have designed this whole course to make these totally achievable dreams a reality! We look at many wonderful examples of achievable dream outcomes to back this up.


“But learning Spanish is difficult…” Don’t worry! You’re not the only one: Do you recognise any or these?

“Damning assumptions are made about my language level when I can’t get the right words out.”

Don’t panic! Our ‘Vocab Secrets’ and ‘Speaking Secrets’ Modules will ensure you learn to always get the right words out, and our ‘Key Attitudes’ Module will kick those ‘damning assumptions’ to the curb for good (hint: some of them might be in YOUR head, not the person in front of you!)

“My reading comprehension is pretty good but it takes me forever to think and speak in Spanish”

SOLVED! The day is near when this becomes totally automatic – thinking and answering will suddenly be instantaneous, just like in your own language (with no messy translation step in the middle) – we bring this day MUCH closer and show you what to prioritise to get there! Our ‘How to Think in Spanish’ Bonus video speeds up this automation process hugely!

“I am a perfectionist and want to sound natural in my phrasing/wording, so I find myself becoming discouraged when I make mistakes.”

SOLVED! Our ‘Key Attitudes’ module will cure your perfectionism, show you the huge VALUE of your mistakes, and banish your discouragement for good!

“I get ‘Brain Freeze’ when I want to talk. In a real setting, my language skills fall apart.”

SOLVED! Picture Ben at Marina’s friends’ dinner parties in the ‘early days’. He didn’t say a word for months until one day they couldn’t believe how much he started talking! So we know this problem very, very well, and will get you out of your ‘Brain Freeze’ stage much quicker than Ben (and he overcame it pretty fast all things considered!)

“I know lots of verbs and words but just can’t put them together. I am too busy translating what I hear into English then thinking of the english to translate into Spanish.”

SOLVED! We cover this ‘translating back and forth’ in depth and show you the way out of the woods to automatic Spanish language production.

“I have the greatest difficulty in separating out the individual words when someone is speaking quickly.”

SOLVED! In our ‘Listening Secrets’ Module we tell you how to begin deciphering fast-spoken Spanish, bringing all the individual words into sharp focus.

“I have trouble grasping fast spoken Spanish using various accents.”

SOLVED! We tell you when in your learning journey to start dealing with all the wonderful Spanish accents, and even recommend an amazing Uruguayan film to show what a pleasure this can be!

“My biggest struggle is understanding people in groups”

SOLVED! We hear you! Marina suffered this with Ben’s sisters in English, Ben got headaches from this in early lunches with the Spanish in-laws! We’ve been there, and we tell you how to get out of the struggle and into complete harmony and understanding in group-speaking situations.

“The biggest challenge is finding others to speak Spanish with…”

SOLVED! In our ‘Speaking Secrets’ Module we look at many ways to find Spanish speaking opportunities with great real-life tips from Notes in Spanish listeners. Plus, in our Bonus Video ‘Real Life Speaking Opportunities’ we break this speaking barrier and really encourage you with easy, practical steps to finding a speaking partner at last.

“My biggest challenge has always been grammar.”

SOLVED! Ben will tell you how much he suffered with the Spanish Subjunctives and a bold step he took to sort the subjunctive out once and for all!

“I struggle to recall vocabulary I have learnt, not sure anyone can help me with this!”

SOLVED! We certainly can! Our ‘Vocab Secrets’ module is packed with ideas to remember vocab: where to find it, how to record it, and how to recall it whenever you want! Plus lots of listeners contribute their best tips for effective vocab learning.

These are just a sample of all the multiple difficulties and challenges we conquer in this course!

What other super-motivated Spanish learners like you say about Ben and Marina’s teaching:

“Skilled and talented language teachers”

I have enjoyed studying Spanish for many years and have utilized a myriad of different language courses, including frequent trips to Madrid. Ben and Marina are skilled and talented language teachers and their personal charm makes learning a joy!


“Far better than any other method”

I can not recommend Notes in Spanish enough. It keeps the learning interesting, far better than any other method, plus it means I can visit my friends in Spain and have them be surprised at the progress I have made. Very highly recommended.

Jennifer M.

“I feel like they are friends”

‘Notes in Spanish’ is a great tool. I have gone from Inspired beginner to practically fluent with the help of this program. Ben and Marina are smart and witty, I feel like they are friends; I have gotten to know them so well. I have used many on-line and self-study programs and this is my favorite.


“My Spanish dramatically improved”

I [have] bought all the NIS products individually, over time. My Spanish dramatically improved after finding Notes in Spanish, and I continue eagerly anticipating every new audio and video that Ben and Marina publish!


“Very pleased”

My problem was always hearing spoken Spanish when a native speaker replied to me. Notes in Spanish has addressed this common issue, very pleased.


“A great way to learn”

This is a great way to learn Spanish – Ben and Marina are very happy people and it is always enjoyable to learn from them both….


“Language learning treasure”

The most friendly, inclusive, genuine language learning treasure on the Internet – so enthusiastically taught. Thank you both.


“Couldn’t ask for more!”

Wow – couldn’t ask for more! Certainly inspired me and amazed myself by beginning to understand and move on so quickly. Highly recommended.


Also included:


  • BONUS VIDEO 1 THINKING IN SPANISH – Skip the ‘Inner-Translator’!

So important (and possible way before you could imagine!)

Thinking in Spanish gets your head automatically working in Spanish – you’ll learn to skip the “slow-inner-translation” step, making you much quicker in Spanish reaction and speaking response time. With fun exercises to get you thinking in Spanish sooner!


We solve one of the biggest Spanish-speaking challenges – finding and maintaining real-life Speaking opportunities via the wonderful world of intercambios and other online speaking opportunities.

It’s the quickest route to solving “Brain Freeze” with speaking and listening, and leads to massively rich Spanish life experiences. We provide all the encouragement and resources you need!


In the coming weeks after we close enrolment for this first edition of the Notes in Spanish Coach, we’ll be in touch to ask for your questions for two special private Q and A video recordings.

We don’t want you to be left with a single question about anything related to Spanish learning or the content of the course and welcome your questions (these are the only Q and A’s we’ll be doing in the coming months, exclusively for Coach customers).


Hopefully we’ve covered every major challenge with Spanish learning in the Notes in Spanish Coach course videos. However, we want to be sure that we’ve covered everything you need to be fully confident and effective in your Spanish learning.

After watching the modules in the course, if you still need help with anything or have any further questions, you can contact us privately via a Priority Email Channel for NIS Coach customers.


“It Sounds Amazing But… I’m so busy right now, I don’t know if I have time to do this?”

Quite honestly, you don’t have time NOT to do this course – Even just ONE of these videos will save you YEARS of Spanish-learning time and frustration on your path to total fluency.

E.G. do you know what to do when you get stuck on one of the many joy-destroying language-learning plateaus – would you even recognise it? We’ve identified and included SOLUTIONS to this and similar ‘total-discouragement’ problems that “outstanding polyglots” didn’t even know.

We’ll race you off those depressingly-endless ‘learning deserts’ right back to the real joy of learning again.

Plus, this course is MADE for busy people – we address this specifically in the ‘Path of Practice’ Module – How to find hidden time to fit more (and much more enjoyable) Spanish learning into your busy life.

“But… are you sure this course is right for MY level?”

This course solves problems and supercharges the path to total fluency for ALL levels, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Check the situation for your level:

If You’re an INSPIRED BEGINNER…. Do these sound familiar?

1. “Understanding Spanish speakers – they seem to speak so fast…”

No problem! In our ‘Listening Secrets’ Module we explain how to start breaking down the rapid blur of speech so you soon begin to understand so much more.

2. “Overwhelming myself with new material, resulting in a loss of motivation and despondency….”

No problem! We teach you how to prioritise your learning, freeing you from being overwhelmed, banishing despondency and keeping your motivation on fire!

3. “Only managing short, or one or two word responses…. Hardest is overcoming my fear of speaking Spanish…”

SORTED! Our ‘Key Attitudes’ Module will convert your fear into confidence, our ‘Speaking Secrets’ module will move your one or two word responses towards fluent conversation!

4. “My biggest challenge is that I have no one to practice with on a regular basis…”

In our ‘Real Life Speaking Opportunities’ video bonus. We’ll guide you to finding a regular practice partner appropriate for your level.

5. “Vocab, vocab, vocab. If there were tips from you on how to really learn and keep it in my brain forever it would be great.”

Oh yes there are! Our ‘Vocab Secrets’ module is PACKED with just the tips you are after!

If You’re INTERMEDIATE…. Do these ring a bell?

1. “I think my Spanish has plateaued”…

Don’t worry!
This is SO common at the Intermediate level and totally solvable. Remember, one listener told us we beat other experienced polyglots, podcasters and coaches in our answer to this exact problem. We really know this stage well, and how to get out of it so you can carry straight on up to Advanced! It’s all solved in our ‘How Language Learning Really Works’ Module.

2. “My speaking is still at a basic level after many years of learning Spanish. I want to compose a grammatically correct sentence in my head before I say it and by then, the moment has passed. I would love to break through this barrier.”

Barrier Broken!
We help you decide when to ease off on the perfectionism for while to get your fluency up to scratch, and how to bring in the grammatical correctness when the right time comes – then the moments never ‘pass’, because you are happily communicating first and foremost. Fluency is what you need at this level! All is explained in Modules 2 – ‘Key Attitudes’, 3 – ‘The Path of Practice’, and 5 – ‘Speaking Secrets’. We’ll get you speaking with fluency and without hesitation.

3. “Understanding fast spoken Spanish and groups of Spanish people…”

Delighted to sort this one out!
Ben went instant-headache crazy with this and his Spanish in-laws for months until it all started to unravel and he could join in the conversation happily at last. Our ‘Listening Secrets’ Module accelerates this whole process for you, so you don’t get as many headaches as Ben did!

4. “My reading ability in Spanish is a lot greater than my speaking.”

No problem!
It’s very common at this level to find the 4 core skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking – out of balance. In Module 10 we look at leveling-up all of your Spanish skills, of course making sure that bringing your Speaking up to speed is at the top of our priorities – particularly addressed in Module 5 – ‘Speaking Secrets’.

5. “Just finding the time…”

We’ll find you all the time you need
for your Spanish! In Module 3 – ‘The Path of Practice’, you’ll learn there is time everywhere, even in a busy life, without stress, to ENJOY Spanish learning again!

6. “My difficulty is grammar. I can mostly find answers on the internet but some things are a mystery.”

Sorted! Don’t worry about looking aimlessly around for all your grammar answers on the internet, our ‘Grammar’ Module has much more efficient solve-it-once-and-for-all answers than that!

7. “To get from being intermediate to advanced…”

Yes! We will get you there!
The WHOLE Ethos of Notes in Spanish is dedicated to moving all our learners along THE ENTIRE PATH all the way up to advanced fluency. ALL the Modules in this course work seamlessly together with this Core NIS philosophy in mind. We’ll get you off the intermediate plateau, and onwards to Advanced!

If You’re ADVANCED…. See yourself reflected here?

1. “I can communicate and understand almost everything said to me but I still make SO MANY mistakes when speaking! I am a perfectionist and want to sound natural, so I get discouraged when I make mistakes. Do you have any tips?”

Oh yes we do!
First of all, on getting discouraged by your mistakes – we change this to being ENCOURAGED by and LEARNING from your mistakes in our ‘Key Attitudes’ Module.

Plus we’ll sort your perfectionism out! (It does not enhance the Joy of Spanish and will be banished!) Then we’ll sort your speaking out – get it totally fluent first, and then accurate (the order is crucial at this level) via Modules 5 – ‘Speaking Secrets’.

2. “I have real trouble grasping fast spoken Spanish using various accents.”

We share so many tips for improving listening to ‘Fast Spanish’ in our ‘Listening Secrets’ Module, and specifically address when it’s time to tackle the accents, and how best to go about it – in a really enjoyable way!

3. “An almost grotesque difference between skills in writing and reading, which are quite good, and poor spoken Spanish and listening skills.”

We’ll get everything up to scratch!
It doesn’t matter which of the core skills are out of balance, (with Ben it was writing and grammar, which were WAY behind his fluent speaking and listening for a while), we’ll show you how to bring everything up to the highest level.

Module 10 covers leveling-up all of your Spanish skills, and each of the ‘Secrets’ Modules for Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing, and Vocab, will lift your problem area up to the highest level with the rest.

4. “Having the opportunity to speak regularly in Spanish”

We’ve got it!
At your level this is key, and in our ‘Speaking Secrets’ Module and ‘Real Life Speaking Opportunities’ Bonus Video we give you all the ideas and encouragement you need to make this a reality.

5. “My biggest struggle is when so many people speak over each other in groups…”

No problem!
Remember, Ben couldn’t get a word in edgeways for months of dinner parties with Marina’s criss-crossing fast-talking Madrileño friends. Until everything suddenly clicked and he understood everything and couldn’t stop talking! We share the secrets to how it all comes together in our ‘Listening Secrets’ and ‘Speaking Secrets’ Modules (the two are so closely linked!)

6. “My biggest challenge is to stay motivated…”

Yes, we hear you!
It can be hard to stay motivated at an Advanced level because your original motivation has usually changed since you started learning. Marina has an excellent answer to this in Module 1 – ‘Motivation’. She’s been there with English! Ben’s been there with Spanish!

7. “Finding time to make Spanish learning part of my daily routine.”

We’ll find it for you! – Lots of hidden time throughout the day! We share secrets from an NIS listener who’s a time-finding ninja with an incredibly busy life, plus we cover habit forming and enjoyably fitting Spanish into your daily routine. All in Module 3, ‘The Path of Practice’.

8. “How do I manage and learn the huge amount of vocabulary and fantastic phrases I pick up from your podcasts, my reading, Spanish people etc. Do you have ideas to get all this brilliant vocabulary and real Spanish phrases into my head so it is active?”

In our ‘Vocab Secrets’ Module we share our secrets and top listener tips for this exact situation – how to learn all that wonderful vocab, keep it active, enjoy it, and use it at will!

9. “Grammar! Especially the subjunctive. Also, all the different past tenses! Why?!”

Why indeed?! But don’t panic!
We’ve got you covered! We’ll explain how Ben slam-dunked the subjunctive once and for all, and sorted all the other grammar out in the process, in Module 10 – ‘Exams, Grammar and Classes’. It’s totally possible!

If You’re SLIGHTLY OLDER… Does this sound familiar?

“I’m 60+ (or 70 or 80+!) years-old and my memory isn’t what it used to be…”

Don’t Worry At All! Actually, this often happens to ALL of us! Even Ben, after 20+ years in Spain, has days where his Spanish brain doesn’t seem to work at all!

Our ‘Vocab Secrets’ Module will give you all the techniques you need to keep your Spanish memory sharp, while Module 4 – ‘How Language Learning Really Works’ – shows how common problems that often masquerade as age-related a) apply to us all and b) are totally solvable – at any age!

The Hard Truth: There are Two Different Learner Types – Which Do YOU Want To Be?


At EVERY stage and age there are two different Spanish learners – One ends up floundering in a mire of muddy difficulties and seemingly impassable plateaus, usually giving up, the Other, YOU! – the unstoppable 5% – ends up reaching and happily delighting in Real Spanish fluency forever.

This course will keep YOU in that super-happy, top 5%, on course to total life-long fluency no matter what your age or level, younger, older, Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced. We invite you to stay with us effortlessly and enjoyably in that top 5%!

Instant Access – Right Now!

You’ll be using the outstanding materials in this course and vastly improving your Spanish right now, on any device, as soon as you complete the purchase process. You’ll be redirected immediately to your Private Members Page where the huge wealth of Notes in Spanish Coach videos and bonus materials are waiting for you!

Absolutely No Risk: Our Unbeatable 100% One-Year Full Money-Back Guarantee

If during One Year from the date of your purchase, you don’t think that using the materials and secrets in this course has really helped to improve your Spanish, just let us know and we will give you a complete refund.

We are so convinced that this course will help you significantly improve your Spanish, that we are absolutely DELIGHTED to offer you this 100%, One-Year total money-back guarantee.

It’s a risk-free, no-questions-asked guarantee and there’s no fine print involved.


Have no doubt, this is the Best Investment in your Spanish you may ever make!

“Regular” language coaching costs $50+ an hour, and You’re getting over FIVE HOURS of high-level coaching in the Ten Core Modules And Bonuses (22 videos including the 2 Bonuses!) – all from Ben and Marina, world-leaders in Real Spanish Learning!

(We may be the most qualified people on the internet to teach you these incredibly valuable Spanish-Fluency-Boosting Secrets.)

PLUS you get 10 Full transcripts of the videos recorded in Spanish (remember every Module is recorded in separate English and Spanish videos) so you’ll learn a HUGE amount of Spanish from this course…

PLUS, Bonuses worth over $200 including your immensely valuable Bonus Videos “Thinking in Spanish” and “Real Life Speaking Opportunities”.

AND your 2 Private Q and A Group Recordings.

AND Your Priority Email Channel direct to us to answer all and any remaining questions and challenges whenever you like – this alone is priceless!

(Remember our satisfied listener who happily told us our solution to his problem surpassed “several excellent polyglots, podcast creators etc…” – We know Spanish learning for keen independent learners – like us and you! – like no-one else on the planet!)

Don’t hesitate, this is a limited-enrolment, incredible course like no other, with a 100% One Year full-satisfaction Guarantee.

Our Promise: We’ll be moving you rapidly towards your full-fluency dreams, to expressing yourself fluently and easily in Real-life Spanish conversations, in wonderful Real-life situations.

What to do next – Order Now:

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More Fantastic Listener Feedback on How Ben and Marina have Transformed the Spanish Learning Experience!


So user friendly, yet so effective. 10/10!!


“Thank you for keeping me motivated!”

I love the way you teach together and make us feel comfortable. Thank you for keeping me motivated!


“Get to know these delightful people”

Thank the heavens that I ran into Ben and Marina… I have acquired more Spanish skills in the brief time listening [to them] than all the other wasted time combined… Get to know these delightful people.


“I am suddenly leaping to the next level”

You have unwittingly stumbled upon a unique and marvellous way of learning a language. I now feel that I am having much more fun with Spanish — which means, of course, that I am suddenly leaping to the next level!


“Ben and Marina are great”

It feels as if you’re in a friendly Spanish class – Ben and Marina are great.


“Ultimately fun!”

Interesting, educational and ultimately fun! Muchas Gracias Ben y Marina!


Order Now!

If you have any questions about the course, just email us here. We’re delighted to help.

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