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For a complete path to Spanish fluency add our Intermediate Super Pack to your Order with a 50% discount!

Intermediate Super Pack

Normal Price:US$ 97.00Special Offer:US$ 48.50

You Save 50%!

> The KEY thing at your level is to be able to leap ahead with your Spanish at a moment’s notice

> You’ll have massive support ready from these Intermediate materials so you can make the jump up earlier than you think!

> Rapidly jump up to an advanced Spanish level where you are fully confident and fluent

> Packed with Spanish that is relevant to Real Life – Spanish you’ll never find in an app! – So you impress native speakers with your totally authentic Spanish skills

> Includes worksheets for all Intermediate episodes (1 to 46), each with the full Spanish transcript, key vocab and grammar list, and useful exercises

> BONUSES! Our Real Spanish Phrase Book and Audio GuideWorth $100 alone! –  Plus,  our “How to Sound Really Spanish” Audio, the Intermediate App, plus Instant digital access and Full 14 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

Instant Access!

Why people love this pack

My capacity for understanding the words and phrases has increased a lot. I am completely satisfied with this product


Bought the intermediate pack a few days ago and am absolutely delighted! The worksheets are very comprehensive – full transcripts of the dialogue plus additional information/translations


They’re worth every cent. Anything I miss on the podcast, I can catch when reading.


Excellent!!!! The notes are a great idea, I am picking up so much new vocabulary by following the transcript and I feel so motivated by how much I can actually understand.


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