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The NIS Inner Circle is Here!

Hola dear Spanish learning friends!

Our latest project, The Notes in Spanish Inner Circle Elite, is open NOW!

You can join here right now

You’ll be getting instant access to the wonderful, super-friendly Inner Circle community, the most valuable, friendly, exclusive fluency-boosting Spanish-learning experience on the internet!

The Inner Circle is designed to help you easily achieve your Full-Spanish-Fluency Dreams, expressing yourself fluently and easily in Real-life Spanish conversations, and understanding everything in wonderful Real-life situations.
Plus, if you grab one of the 200 “Elite” spots, you’ll be getting some amazing bonuses. Even after 17 years of teaching Spanish to hundreds of thousands of people – we haven’t offered any bonuses like these.
Sign up now to get the special Inner Circle Elite offer:
Sign for Inner Circle Elite here

Un abrazo desde Madrid,

Ben y Marina

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