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3 Words for Ascuas – Episode 17 – Birlibirloque

3 Words for Ascuas

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Welcome to episode 17 of 3 Words for Ascuas! This week Ben and Marina discuss art and creativity, from Marina’s punto (y puñetas!), to orfebrería (gold and silver smithing) and great Spanish music jokes.

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Ben and Marina

Hacer punto – Knitting

Hacer puñetas  -Trim, edging

Vete a hacer puñetas – Go away!

Puñetas – Darn it

Fieltro – Felt

Barita mágica – Magic wand

Piñata – Piñata

Barro – Clay, mud

Dibujar con los niños – Draw with the kids

Rotus – Felt-tipped pens

Vete con la música a otra parte – Take your complaints or your ranting elsewhere

Para gustos los colores – Each to their own (taste)

Bellas artes – Fine arts

Nota – Mark/grade in an exam


No poder ni ver en pintura – To not cope with something or someone

No puedo ver a ese chico ni en pintura – I can’t cope with that guy

No puedo ver esa sopa ni en pintura – I can’t even look at this soup. I don’t want to eat it.

No pinta nada – To not fit in

Creo que no pinto nada en esta fiesta – I don’t think I fit in at all in this party

Por arte de birlibirloque – Like magic, unexpectedly

He aprobado el examen por arte de birlibirloque – I passed the exam unexpectedly


Meninas – Ladies in waiting

Pinacoteca – Art gallery

Vinoteca – Wine shop


Mueseo de artes y costumbres populares – Arts and Crafts museum

Talleres artesanales – Types of art and craft

Alfarería – Pottery

Cestería – Basket weaving

Bordadura – Embroidery

Encaje – Lace

Encaje de bolillos – Lace-making

Estoy haciendo encaje de bolillos para organizar el horario de la escuela – I’m trying to put together the school timetable (and it’s very complex)

Azulejería – Tile making

Orfebrería – Goldsmithing, silversmithing

Herrería – Blacksmithing

Tonelería – Barrel making

Curtiduría – Tanning

Metalistería – Metalwork

Piel – Leather

Herramienta – Tool


Coser – To sew

La costurera – Seamstress

El sastre – Tailor

El dedal – Thimble

La aguja – Needle

Tiene aguja – It is sparkling (wine)

El alfiler – Pin

El hormigueo – Pins and needles

Se me ha dormido la mano – My hand has gone numb

Coserse la boca – To keep your lips sealed

Me coso la boca – My lips are sealed

Bosquejar – To sketch

Boceto, bosquejo – A sketch

This week’s jokes…

¿Sabías que Beethoven dedicó su quinta sinfonía a su padre?

¿Cómo lo sabes?

Fíjate en el comienzo: “Para papá…”

Did you know that Beethoven dedicated his 5th symphony to his father?

How do you know?

Pay attention to the beginning: “For dad” (“Para papá…”)

– Doctor, doctor…..dígame la verdad, ¿después de la operación podré tocar la guitarra ?

– Si hombre, perfectamente.

– ¡¡¡Qué bien!!! porque antes no sabía.

– Doctor, doctor…..tell me the truth, will I be able to play guitar after the operation?

– Of course, perfectly.

– Great! Because I didn’t know how to before.


Pomo, manivela, manillas, manija, picaporte  – Door handle

Pico picapinos – Great spotted woodpecker

Sacar de quicio – To annoy

Este chico me saca de quicio – That guy drives me mad

No me saques de quicio – Stop driving me mad

Quicio – doorjam/frame

Es de mi quinta – He/she is from my age group

Traje marinero – Sailor suit

Tu no eres de nuestra quinta – You are much younger (in this case, it could be older too)

Las aportaciones han sido muy ocurrentes y bonitas – The things we’ve received have been really interesting and lovely.

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We hope you enjoyed episode 17!

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¡Mil gracias! Ben y Marina