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3 Words for Ascuas – Episode 16 – Tejo y Canotaje

3 Words for Ascuas

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Welcome to episode 16 of 3 Words for Ascuas! This week Ben and Marina discuss sports and games, from Mus (Spain’s favourite card game), to Tejo (gunpowder in Colombia!), Canotaje (canoeing) and much more.

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Ben y Marina

Hemos cumplido – We’ve done what we need to (our daily exercise)


Escalada en roca – Rock climbing

Senderismo – Hiking, Trekking, walking

Eskí de travesiá – Cross-country skiing

Canotaje – Canoeing

Rocómodro – Climbing wall


Echar balones fuera – To blame someone else

Deja de echar balones fuera y asume tu parte en este lío – Stop blaming other people and take responsability in this mess.

Hacer la pelota – To suck up to someone

Deja de hacerme la pelota que seguro que me vas a pedir algo – Stop sucking up to me, I’m sure you are going to ask me for something

Estar en pelotas – To be naked

Dejar a alguien en pelotas – To embarrass someone, or catch someone out, reveal what someone has done, tell a secret

Me has dejado en pelotas – You’ve left me embarrassed, in a difficult position

Por pelotas / Sí o sí – For sure, definitely

Lo hago por pelotas – I’m doing it and that’s that

Casarse de penalti – Shotgun wedding


El jardinero – Outfielder

Escondite – Hide and seek

Jugar al escondite – Play hide and seek

El escondite ingles – Known in English as “What’s the time, Mr. Wolf?” or “Granny’s footsteps”

Naipes – Playing cards

Baraja – Deck of cards

Baraja española – Spanish playing cards

Oros, copas, espadas y bastos – Gold, cups, swords and clubs

Baraja francesa – Standard (e.g. in the US, UK) playing cards

Corazones, picas, diamantes y tréboles – Hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs

Mus – Mus, a card game

Dominó – Dominoes

Mary Catherine

Baloncesto – Basketball

Canasta – Canasta (card game) or when someone makes a basket in basketball

Cancha – Basketball court

Tejo – Columbian sport like horseshoes – see video:

Linda Fineman

Predilecto – Favorite

Brindar la oportunidad – Gives me the opportunity

Brindar – Toast

Rayuela – Hopscotch

Book recommendation: Final del juego – Julio Cortázar

Seguro que se iba a armar la meresunda – There would definitely be a big fuss

Se iba a armar la marimorena – There is a big fuss or a big party

Se va a armar una buena – There is going to be a big fuss

Que se va a armar un gran lío – There is going to be a big fuss

Un lio grande – A big mess

Un tilingo – A fool, a gullible person

Jose pagó el pato – Jose got the blame

Linda – Beautiful, nice


Los hinchas – Football fans

Campeonato Nacional de Liga de Primera División (commonly known as La Liga) – First/premier division football in Spain

This Week’s Jokes

Un domingo, después de misa, uno de los feligreses se acerca al párroco y le pregunta:

– Reverendo, ¿es pecado jugar al golf en domingo?

– Hijo mío, dijo el padre poniendo la mano sobre su hombro, te he visto jugar al golf, en tu caso es un pecado cualquier día.

One Sunday, after Mass, one of the worshipers goes up to the priest and asks him:

– Reverend, is it a sin to play golf on Sundays?

– My son, replied the priest putting a hand on his shoulder, I’ve seen you play golf, and in your case, it’s a sin any day of the week.

– Soy una persona muy saludable.

– ¿Haces mucho deporte y comes sano?

– No. Es que la gente me saluda por la calle y yo… pues les devuelvo el saludo.

– I’m a very healthy person.

– Do you do a lot of sport and eat well?

– No. People say hi to me a lot in the street and I … well, I say hi back. 

(It’s a play on words – saludable – healthy, saludar – to greet someone)

¿Qué club de fútbol siguen las ovejas? Baaaaaaaaa-rcelona.

What football club do sheep follow? Baaaaaaaaa-rcelona.


Tirarse a la piscina – To dive in at the deep end


Trepar rocas – To scramble over rocks

Caminar en la montaña – To walk in the mountains

La bici – The bike / Cycling

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