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3 Words for Ascuas – Episode 14 – Amor y Amistad

3 Words for Ascuas

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Welcome to episode 14 of 3 Words for Ascuas! This week Ben and Marina discuss love and friendship. From media naranjas (soul mates) to príncipes azules (Prince Charmings) wonderful listener stories of love and deep friendship, and much more.

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Halle, Gwyneth, Angela, Amie, Bridget and Emily

Eres mi media naranja – You are my soul mate, my true love

Estoy buscando a mi media naranja – I’m looking for my soul mate


Los amigos de mis amigos son mis amigos – The friends of my friends are my friends

El amigo lo escojo yo, el pariente no – You can choose your friends, but not your family


Un vínculo especial – A special connection


Caminar con un amigo en la oscuridad es mejor que caminar solo en la luz – Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light

No hay mejor hermano que un buen vecino al lado – There is no better brother or sister than a good neighbour by your side


El mundo es un pañuelo, y eres mi moco favorito – It’s a small world and you are my favourite snot

El mundo es un pañuelo y tu eres el moco que más quiero – It’s a small world and you are my favourite snot


Estar a partir un piñón – To be very close (literally, close enough to split a pine nut)

Ana y Julia están a partir un piñon – Ana and Julia are really close

Hacer buenas migas – To hit it off (literally, to make good breadcrumbs) 

Ana y Julia hacen muy buenas migas – Ana and Julia get on really well

Han hecho muy buenas migas – They get on really well

Janie and Stephanie

Ella es mi compañera del alma – She’s my soul mate


Me caes bien – I get on with you, I like hanging out with you

Me gustas – I like you

Me encantas – I really like you / I love you

Me fascinas – You fascinate me

Te quiero – I love you

Te amo – I love you

Me vuelves loco/a – You drive me crazy


Es mi alma gemela – She is my soulmate

Angela again

Beber los aires por alguien – To be madly in love with someone (literally, to drink the breezes for somebody)

El príncipe azul – Prince charming (literally, the blue prince)

El amor entra por la cocina – The way to a man/woman’s heart is through his stomach (literally, love enters through the kitchen)


Llevarse una bronca – To get a good telling off

Echarle una bronca – To tell someone off 

Tener una bronca – To have a big argument

Juan y Ana han tenido una bronca monumental – Juan and Ana have had a huge argument


Armorcíto, Cielo (Sky) , Cari, Cariño, Bombón (Chocolate) – Love, sweetie, honey


Estar enamorado hasta los tuétanos – To be head over heels in love

Tuétano – Bone marrow (so to the bone, to the core)

Estar por los huesos – To be head over heels in love

Estoy hasta los huevos – I’m fed up (slang)


El amor por la literatura se transmite por contagio (del escritor mexicano, Gabriel Zaid) – The love of literature is contagious

Creo que parte de mi amor a la vida se lo debo a mi amor a los libros (del escritor argentino, Adolfo Bioy Casares) – I think that part of my love of life I owe to my love of books

Las penas con pan son menos – Literally: Sorrows lessen with bread. Translation: Problem shared, problem halved

Del amor al odio hay un paso – It’s a single step from love to hate

El amor tiene razones que la razón no entiende – Love has reasoning that reason does not understand

Amie and Caroline

Poetry recommendations:

Dime – Jorge Luis Borges
20 Poemas de Amor y una Canción Desesperada – Pablo Neruda

More from Amie

The Cortometraje (short film) from Argentina: “En las Nubes/In the Clouds” 


Contigo pan y cebollas –  I’d be happy with you if we only had bread and onions


Tortolitos – Lovebirds

Noviazgo – Courtship

Están como tortolitos – They are like lovebirds

Tórtola – It’s a bird. Turtledove.


Amor con amor se paga – One good turn deserves another

Por amor al arte – Just for the love of it 

Ayuda a los mayores por amor al arte – She helps the elderly just for the love of it


¿Te quieres casar conmigo? – Will you marry me?


¿Está usted casado? – Are you married?

¿Está usted cansado? – Are you tired?

This week’s jokes

– ¿A dónde me llevarás por nuestro 20 aniversario?

– A Paris.

– ¿Y a los 30?

– Iré a buscarte

– Where are you taking me for our 20th Anniversary?

– To Paris

– And for the 30th?

– I’ll come and get you

– Cariño ¿Quieres que pasemos los dos un fin de semana perfecto?

– ¡Vale!

– Pues nos vemos el lunes…

– Dear, do you want to have the perfect weekend?

– OK!

– Well, see you on Monday…

Marina and Ben

Read the story of our romantic get together in Madrid in Ben’s book Errant in Iberia

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