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3 Words for Ascuas – Episode 7 – Calabobos and Matapolvo

3 Words for Ascuas

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Welcome to episode 7 of 3 Words for Ascuas! This week Ben and Marina discuss the weather, including wonderful words for sunshine and rain, good days and bad, calabobos and matapolvos!

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Nueve meses de invierno y tres de infierno – Nine months of winter and three of hell

In reply to Myer

Llueve a cántaros – It’s pouring down
Cántaro – A jug/pitcher
Agua corriente – Running water
Llueve a mares – It’s pouring with rain
Está diluviando – It’s raining really hard
Menudo chaparrón que ha caído – Wow, that was a real downpour

Valerie’s words for rain

Un pozo de sabiduría – A well of wisdom
Chupa – Intense downpour
Menuda chupa que ha caído  – What a downpour
La chupa – Jacket
Chupa de cuero – leather jacket
Matapolvo – A light, brief rain that stops the ground being dusty (literally, ‘dust killer’)
Lluvia pasajera – Brief, passing rain shower
Cascarrinada – Hail
Granizada – Hail
Chirimiri – Drizzle
Calabobos – Drizzle that soaks you in the end (from calar – to soak through, and bobos – stupid people)
¿Llueve fuerte? No, es un calabobos de nada – Is it raining hard? No, it’s just a light drizzle

More that we use commonly

Esta chispeando – It’s drizzling
Una chispa – a little spark, something very little
Han caído 4 gotas – It’s hardly rained at all, just a few drops

Words from Arthur

Hace un día de miedo – What fantastic weather
Soleado – Sunny
Que día mas soleado – What a lovely sunny day

Fresquito – Cool
Hoy está fresquito – It’s cool today, colder than you think
Por las noches necesitas una chaqueta porque hace fresquito – At night you need a jacket because it’s cool / colder than you think
Hace un frio que pela – It’s freezing (literally, a cold that peels)
Mis amigos en Málaga son Frioleros – My friends from Malaga really feel the cold (In Peru they say friolento)
Nuestro hijo es muy caluroso – Our son is always really warm

Veroño – Combines Verano and Otoño – A warm spell in Autumn or an Indian Summer
Veranillo de San Miguel – Indian Summer
Bochorno – Muggy, sweltering
!Qué bochorno! – It’s so hot and muggy!
!Qué bochorno! – How embarrassing
Relámpagos – Lightning
Trueno – Thunder

Marzo ventoso y Abril lluvioso
Sacan a Mayo florido y hermoso

If March is windy and April is rainy,
May will be beautiful and full of flowers

En abril, aguas mil – It rains lots in April

The sun

Hace un sol de justicia – The sun is incredibly strong today

The Joke…

– ¿Qué hace un tacaño si tiene frío?
– Se pone al lado de la estufa.
– ¿Y si tiene mucho frío?
– La enciende.

What does a stingy person do if he’s cold?
He sits next to the heater/stove
And if he’s really cold?
He turns it on

Andrew’s refrán

Cuando las barbas de tu vecino veas cortar, pon las tuyas a remojar – The writing is on the wall / Forewarned is forearmed (Literally, when you see your neighbour cutting his beard, start soaking yours)

Tiquismiquis – Picky, fussy


Me encanta la palabra “alcachofa” – I love the word “artichoke”
Alcachofa – Artichoke, shower head, the electrical connection for a trailer

Paul Burge – from  the When in Spain podcast

Paul interviews Ben and Marina here
Me falta un huevo – I’m missing an egg / a testicle
Huevos revueltos – Scrambled eggs

Ben recommends

…The film Vivir es fácil con los ojos cerrados (Ben rented it online here in Spain)

We hope you enjoyed episode 7!

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