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3 Words for Ascuas – Episode 5 – Me Parto

3 Words for Ascuas

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Welcome to episode 5 of 3 Words for Ascuas! This week Ben and Marina look at Spanish words and phrases for laughter, funny Spanish films, share Spanish jokes and listener stories, and much more.

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Valerie’s Story

Borrascas – Storm, low pressure area
Borrachos/as – Drunkards
El que tiene boca, se equivoca – Whoever has a mouth will get things wrong

Gary’s Story

Muslos de codorniz – Quail’s thighs
Mejillones – Mussels


Partirse de risa –  To laugh your head off
Me parto de risa – I laughed my head off
Me parto – That’s hilarious
Se parte – He’s laughing his head off
Reírse a carcajadas – To laugh out loud, a lot
Cada vez que nos acordamos de lo que nos paso ese día, nos reímos a carcajadas – Every time we remember what happened that day, we roll around on the floor laughing
Reírse a mandíbula batiente – To laugh a lot (literally, with a swinging jaw)
Me troncho – That’s hilarious
Tronchar – To break (e.g. a stick)

Una broma  – A practical joke
Un chiste  – A joke you tell someone
Gastar una broma – To play a practical joke

Funny films we like…

Lepe jokes – listen to Advanced Spanish Podcast 57 – Lepe

Está un poco pasado de moda – It’s a bit out of fashion


En la Farmacia:

— ¿Tienen pastillas para el cansancio?

— Están agotadas

*** *** ***
— ¿Cuánto cuesta alquilar un coche?

— Depende del tiempo.

— Vale, pongamos que llueve.

Arthur’s words

El Abecedario – The Alphabet
Tomar el pelo – To kid, to joke
No me tomes el pelo – Don’t joke with me
Madre mía me han tomado el pelo en el trabajo – They really played a joke on me at work
Si te timan – If they con you / rip you off
Te han tomado el pelo – They’ve conned you


Poco a poco – Bit by bit
No hay prisa – There’s no hurry
Las cosas de palacio van despacio – Bureaucracy takes its time, goes slowly / some things just take their time


Está en el quinto pino – It’s really far away
El que se fue a Sevilla perdió su silla – If you get up you lose your chair (literally, whoever went to Seville, lost their seat)

Marina’s words

Estar muy atento/a – To keep your eyes open
Abrir bien los ojos – To keep your eyes peeled

Ben’s words

Un jabalí – A wild boar
Este se lleva por delante a cualquiera – That’ll knock someone flying

We hope you enjoyed episode 5!

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