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3 Words for Ascuas – Episode 4 – ¡Ni loco!

3 Words for Ascuas

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Welcome to episode 4 of 3 Words for Ascuas! This week, Ben and Marina discuss Locura – mad words and phrases! Plus we read listener mail with some absolutely beautiful words, and Ben discovers an absolute classic – ¡Espanzurrado!

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Cada loco con su tema – Each to their own – See our video about this phrase here
Está loco como una cabra – He/she is as mad as a hatter
Esto es una casa de locos – This place is a madhouse
El manicomio – The madhouse
¡Ni loco! – No way!
Ben, ¿te vienes conmigo a la peluquería? – Ben, are you coming to the hairdresser with me?
¿Te vienes conmigo de compras? – Are you coming shopping with me?
A lo loco – In a crazy way, without care or attention
Descuidadamente – Carelessly
Hazlo con cuidado por favor – Do it carefully please
No lo hagas a lo loco – Do it more carefully
¡Qué locura! – What madness!
No hagas locuras – Don’t do anything crazy
Hacerse el loco – To pretend you know nothing about something
Enloquecedor/a – Something that drives you mad
La canción es enloquecedora – The song drives you mad

Ways of saying people are crazy

Está pirado – He/she is crazy
Pirarse – To go
Me piro – I’m off
Está tarado- He/she is crazy
Tarado – Faulty
Se le ha ido la olla- He/she is crazy
Se le ha ido la pinza – He/she is crazy
Tiene la cabeza muy bien puesta – He/she has got a good head on his/her shoulders
Tiene la cabeza muy bien amueblada- He/she is very sane, has got a good head on his/her shoulders
Se puede confiar en esa persona – You can trust that person


Estoy loco por ti – I’m crazy about you
Está loco con las motos – He/she is crazy about motorbikes

This week’s Joke

– ¿Cómo se llama el primo vegano de Bruce Lee?

– Broco Lee.

What is Bruce Lee’s vegan cousin called? Broco Lee.

Brécol / Brócoli – Broccoli

From Dave

Una criatura – A small child (and a creature!)

Valerie’s words

Cachivache – Useless thing, junk
Hierbaluisa – Lemon verbena
Libélula – Dragonfly
Hojalata – Tin (the metal)
Lentejuela – Sequin

Angela’s word

Guarifaifa – Thingummyjig/what’s-it-called (from Chile)
Guarro – Pig, or slob
Un Chisme – Thingummyjig (Castilian Spanish)
Fulanito y menganito – Whatshisname/whatshername, so-and-so


Mascara – Mask
Pestañas – Eyelashes
Rímel – Mascara
Corredor – Runner, also passageway, corredor
Pasillo – Corredor
Campando a mis anchas – Wandering freely and happily – See our video about this here

Chris’s fish

Pescado – Fish you eat or buy to eat
Pez/Peces – Fish swimming in a pond, lake, or the sea

Ben’s words

Clema – Terminal block
Espanzurrado – Spread out
El huevo se ha espanzurrado – The egg has broken and spread out everywhere
¿Qué haces allí espanzurrado? – What are you doing lying there all spread out on the sofa?

We hope you enjoyed episode 4!

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