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3 Words for Ascuas – Episode 3 – Con un par de huevos

3 Words for Ascuas

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Welcome to episode 3 of our new podcast for real-Spanish lovers! This week, Ben and Marina discuss refranes, swearing, eggs, great questions and Spanish words from listeners, and much more. Please note, some explicit words are used in this episode.

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Eres un tocahuevos – You are annoying
Tiene huevos Susana – Susana has got balls
¡Los tiene cuadrados! – She’s got real balls! (literally, she’s got them square)
No se achanta con nada – She’s not scared of anything or anyone
No se echa para atrás – She doesn’t back down
No tiene miedo – She’s not scared
Con un par de huevos – Boldly, bravely
Hay que echarle huevos – You’ve got to do it boldly
Eres un huevón – You are slow, lazy
Un holgazán – A layabout
Eres un holgazán – You are a layabout

Swear words…

Jo’er – Damn it /Sh*t
Joder – F*#@
Jolines – Gosh
Jo – Gosh /Goodness me

Proverbs and sayings that rhyme…

Y con esto y un bizcocho, hasta mañana a las ocho – We’re done / Until next time
Albacete, caga y vete – Albacete, shit and leave
Pa’lante como los de Alicante – Let’s get on with it / let’s get going
A quien madruga, Dios le ayuda – God helps those that get up early
El que tiene boca se equivoca – Whoever has a mouth, is bound to get things wrong
Hablando del rey de Roma, por la puerta asoma – Speak of the devil (literally, Speaking of the King of Rome, he appears at the door)
El que a buen árbol se arrima, buena sombra le cobija – Stick by good people and it will rub off on you (literally, he who sticks close to a good tree, is protected by good shade)
Cada cual en su corral – Mind your own business (literally, each one in their own chicken hutch)
De grandes cenas están las sepulturas llenas – Tombs are filled by large suppers

Un refranero/a – Someone who uses a lot of proverbs

The Joke…

— Mamá, en el cole me llaman despistado – Mummy, at school they call me dreamy
— Niño, que esta no es tu casa – Kid, this isn’t your house

Eres un/a despistado/a – You are a real dreamer

Words with 2 ‘o’s…

Bobo – Stupid
Eres un bobo – You are a bit stupid/a bit of a clown
Un coco – A coconut, head
Tiene coco – He’s intelligent
Le da mucho al coco – He’s always thinking too much
Un dodo – dodo
Fofo – flabby
La chicha – Flabby bits of a tummy
Una gogó – A gogo dancer
Lolo/a – Teenager
Momo – Clowning/joking
Nono/a – Grandpa, grandma
Abuelo/a – Grandpa, grandma
Yayo/a – Grandpa, grandma
Ñoño – Whiny
No seas ñoño – Don’t be such a whiner
Popó – Poop
Soso – bland (lacking salt)
Es muy soso – He is very lifeless, limp
Un yoyó – Yoyo
Ñiquiñaque – Trash, rubbish, worthless individual

The torta story…

De chica – When I was a young girl
Una torta de aceite – A large, round, cake-like biscuit
‘Abuela, ¡dáme una torta!’ – Granny, give me a biscuit
‘¡Toma, una torta!’ – Here, have a slap!

Los auriculares – Headphones

We hope you enjoyed episode 3!

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