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3 Words for Ascuas – Episode 2 – Travesuras

3 Words for Ascuas

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Welcome to episode 2 of our new podcast for real-Spanish lovers! This week, pranks, getting in trouble (and related anecdotes!), general forgetfulness, and wonderful listener words and phrases (thank you!)

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Estoy emocionado – I’m excited

Estoy impaciente por empezar – I can’t wait to get going

Lo bueno si breve, dos veces bueno – Good when brief is twice as good

Las Travesuras – Pranks

Un travieso/una traviesa – a prankster

Una traviesa – A railway sleeper

Una buena bronca – A good telling-off

Te has metido en un buen lío – You’re in big trouble

La has fastidiado – You’ve really messed up

Lo has fastidiado – You’ve broken it

Estoy muy fastidiado – I’ve really hurt myself, I’ve injured myself

Me he fastidiado el tobillo – I’ve hurt my ankle

La has liado parda – You’re in massive trouble

Un oso pardo – A brown bear

La gota que colmó el vaso – The last straw

Un tirachinas – A catapult

Una china / chinita – A pebble, little stone

Un mercadillo – An artisanal market

Mercadillo de navidad – A christmas market

Estábamos en guerra – We were at war with each other

Nos molestábamos mucho – We annoyed each other a lot

Molestaba mucho a mi hermano – I annoyed my brother a lot

Despistado – Dreamy

La has liado papa – You’ve messed up dad

Lo has liado – You’ve tied everything up, knotted it up

Tengo mucho lío – I’m very busy

Me he liado – I’ve got confused

Déjame un minuto que he metido la pata – Wait a minute, I’ve put my foot in it

Quiero causar buena impresión – I want to make a good impression

Quiero quedar bien – I want to make a good impression

Nos vas a coger manía – You’re going to get completely fed up with us

Mi maestra me tiene manía – My teacher doesn’t like me

Un despiste – A lapse of concentration

This week’s Jokes…

— ¿Qué le dice un huevo a una sartén?
— Me tienes frito.

What does an egg say to the frying pan?
I’m fed up with you (me tienes frito is a play on words, it means you’ve fried me, and I’m fed up with you)


Dos peces en el mar, un pez dice al otro pez, ¿qué hace tu padre? Y el otro dice, “nada”.

Two fish in the sea, one says to the other, what does your dad do, and the other says, nothing (nada means “nothing”, and “he swims” – another play on words!)

Listeners words, phrases and questions!

Una pesadilla – A nightmare

¡Qué pesadilla! – What a nightmare!

Una pescadilla – Small hake (fish)

Eres un sinvergüenza – You are a scoundrel

Mirala que sinvergüenza –  What a scoundrel you are

Las pantuflas – Slippers

Las zapatillas de estar por casa – Slippers

Despampanante – Stunning (in a Marlyn Monroe kind of way).

Un escote – Cleavage

Un piscolabis – A snack before the main meal (at a wedding reception, at a meeting, at a party)

Un tentempié – A snack (to keep you going)

Este restaurante se ha subido a la parra – This restaurant has gone through the roof (price-wise)

Y con esto y un bizcocho, hasta mañana a las ocho – We’re done!

We hope you enjoyed episode 2!

Remember! Do get in touch if you’d like to ask a question about words or phrases you don’t understand, share favourite words and phrases in Spanish, suggest a theme for an episode, or tell us a personal anecdote concerning a great Spanish word or phrase. You can contact us here.

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