Notes in Spanish Conversations 12 – Mileuristas y Aristocratas

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Notes in Spanish ConversationsToday, Ben and Marina look at class distinctions in Spain. We explore how they compare to the class system in the UK, look at the new class of Mileuristas and ask if the ‘new rich’ upper class has got as much to do with TV and Hola magazine as it has with being an aristocrat in today’s Spain.

Saludos desde Madrid!

Ben y Marina
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4 thoughts on “Notes in Spanish Conversations 12 – Mileuristas y Aristocratas

  1. Betty Fleming

    Perdoneme que hablar en inglais pero no quiero que no comprendeme absolutemente. Every time I play a blog, I reach a point around 5 1/2 minutes in where the blog just stops and I can’t make it restart, no matter what I do. I have to leave the Net, go back to the email and start the blog again, then take it to the spot where it stopped previously. After that, it plays perfectly.

    Perhaps someone could have a took at that?

    Comment re Spanish: I didn’t know “tener en cuenta”, (keep in mind). This is very useful, thank you!

    1. Ben Post author

      Hi Betty,

      I’m sorry this has been happening, I can’t reproduce the same problem here, it works OK at this end. Perhaps you could try just refreshing the page and trying again, without having to go all the way back to the email, or trying a different web browser?

      Saludos from Madrid,


  2. Tania

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    Es excelente en mi opinion es mejor que Downtonabbey vale la pena echar un vistazo.

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