Notes in Spanish Conversations 8 – 8 Arquetipos Españoles

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Notes in Spanish ConversationsToday, Ben and Marina discuss one of their favourite films, 8 Apellidos Vasquos (‘Spanish Affair’ in English – You can find it on Netflix or on Amazon). We explore some of the typical comedy archetypes that make up it’s major roles (e.g. ‘el tonto’, the stupid male), asking, how close are these stereotypical roles to real-life Spanish people?

Saludos desde Madrid!

Ben y Marina
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2 thoughts on “Notes in Spanish Conversations 8 – 8 Arquetipos Españoles

  1. meg robinson

    I love your podcasts! I love how I always learn and remember one new fab word every single podcast. That’s an achievement for a dislexic learner . Today I was buying a load of wood and Paco was asking ‘ this size ok ? The log was ginormous. I laughed and was so chuffed to joke ‘ Hombre, normalmente no soy una mujeres tiquismiquis pero hoy , ostia ….no me das esto! ‘ I loved the grin on his face !

    I’ve lived in La Alpujarra 22 years and have worked and travelled a lot in Bolivia Peru and Chile.
    Today’s podcast on the stereotypes was fascinating, mainly because for the first time I was not understanding many of your words Marina. Must get the transcript, lots of new words today. Living in the campo, I don’t come across many of your ‘ gems.’. Not sure if I’m signed up for the transcripts ?
    Maravilloso trabajo pareja, !suguid inspirandonos ! Oh , y Felices fiestas??

    1. Ben Post author

      Thanks for your lovely comment Meg, I love your answer to the wood guy 🙂 I’m sure he was impressed to hear such authentic Spanish from a foreigner!

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