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Photo: A legend of play in Madrid’s Retiro Park

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Notes in Spanish ConversationsToday, Ben and Marina discuss the sociology and practice of play, and why it is so important in both children’s and adults’ lives. We talk about how play fits in to our own lives (it can be as simple as riding a bike!), plus how difficult it can be for adults to just let go and have a fun, purpose-less time.

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Un abrazo desde Madrid!
Ben y Marina

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2 thoughts on “Notes in Spanish Conversations – Vamos a Jugar

  1. Thane Liming

    Would love to visit you both while my girlfriend and I stay in Madrid during Christmas. We are from South Florida. We are enjoying your podcasts and emails.


    1. Ben Post author

      Thanks Thane! Let us know when you are in town, though Christmas tends to be a bit of a crazy time for us!

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