Inspired Beginners Spanish Podcast 16 – ¡Feliz Navidad!

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Happy Christmas! A special Spanish podcast full of Christmas vocab, and details of Christmas in Spain.

Saludos desde Madrid!

Ben y Marina
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4 thoughts on “Inspired Beginners Spanish Podcast 16 – ¡Feliz Navidad!

  1. Yvonne Savery

    Really enjoyed, explained christman is Spain well. Intend to get the 1 – 20 pack. Look forward to my next lesson.

  2. Harlan Wolfe

    In my usual Spanish dictionaries, I cannot find the word´’laga’ as in >>comparadas con Inglaterra son muy lagas.<<
    I am wondering if this is a typo in the PDF or if it is simply so rare that it doesn’t appear in many dictionaries?

    Also, I am new here, so I am wondering if this is the proper place to ask questions, or should I go to the forum?

  3. Ben Post author


    It’s fine to ask here, but I recommend you join the forum, it’s a great support system in its own right! In this case I’m appalled to say it is a typo that we missed. I think it should be larga, from largo, (long).

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