Inspired Beginners Podcast 1 – ¡Hola!

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Welcome to the Inspired Beginners Spanish Audio from Notes in Spanish!

Why is it called Inspired Beginners? Because this audio is for motivated learners who are already helping themselves through the first steps of learning the language, and want to improve quickly. Our idea is to take you beyond the text books and provide you with real world language and Spanish learning techniques that you will never find in a classroom.

Not only do we explain key vocab and grammar in every episode, we also include a real Spanish conversation at your level, to help you prepare to move on up to our Intermediate and Advanced Spanish Audio.

But this level is not just for Beginners! We hope that a lot of the grammar we look at during this course will also offer a really useful review for Intermediate and even Advanced Spanish learners too!

Essential worksheets are available to accompany this course, which include a full run down of the Spanish vocabulary and grammar used in each episode, plus a full transcript and translation of our Spanish conversations, and more cool Spanish phrases.

Saludos desde Madrid!

Ben y Marina
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72 thoughts on “Inspired Beginners Podcast 1 – ¡Hola!

  1. jon gorman

    I am retired and living in Madrid. Anyone like to meet up and maybe start a small preliminary group usng this course as a base??

  2. Sandra

    How wonderful to hear Spanish again, after leaving Cadiz a year and a half ago to move to New Zealand (not much Spanish to be heard on the streets here!). I miss the language and the country and its culture heaps. I’m about to start teaching beginners’ Spanish, tho… so much’isimas gracias in advance for your useful tips : )

  3. Diana Tower

    I finally took the plunge (after 2 years of loving your site) and bought the “The Whole Enchilada!” and I thought that I would start from scratch.

    I would say that my level is more advanced or intermediate BUT like you mention, going through the beginner podcasts can be helpful too. Today I learnt me horroriza!!! Your website is priceless for someone living abroad in Spain. I’m getting married this Aug to my Spanish boyfriend and I have been looking for a way to improve or fill in my gaps.

    Thank you for this wonderful product!

    I’m also using your podcasts to learn/improve my writing. I just listen and pause and write what you are saying down. With the transcripts it is a great way to look at my writing mistakes.

    It is clear I need to focus no my accents. HAHA.

    Thanks again you too!


  4. Ben

    Hi Diana,

    I’m so glad you like it! It sounds like you are really motivated, so the materials should help a lot!

  5. Andew

    I love listening to your pod casts and I have downloaded the free work sheet Advanced Pod cast 91 – El Móvil but, to my disappointment they appear to be all in Spanish and no English translations. If I was to download the course would the English come with it?
    puede ayudarme

  6. Ben Post author

    Hi, we provide English translations only at the Beginners level Andrew. At intermediate and advanced we find one learns to a deeper level without the English on hand. You go deeper and retain more when forced to work with just the Spanish at higher levels – just as if you were in a Spanish speaking country immersed in the language.

    Saludos from Madrid,


  7. Carla

    Hi Ben and Marina! you guys are doing a great thing here.=) its my first lesson and already I’ve learned so much.

    Menkanta ben and marina! did i spell that right?



  8. louise

    Hola Ben y Marina y gracias por notes in spanish. Me gusta mucho escuchar y aprender contigo. Este sitio me ayuda mucho en mi trabajo con los ninos. Trabajo en una escuela donde los ninos aprenden en espanol y ingles. Todos de mis hijos han asistido esta escuela y ahora es mi tiempo para aprender.

    Gracias y mucho gusto,
    Louise kraemer
    San luis Obispo, California

    lo siento no habia asentos pero mi laptop es viejo.

  9. Christie Petzel

    I am a visual person; so, it would be nice if you could also put in writing what you are saying. Those us that are not familiar with the Spanish can not pick up on the words that you are saying except maybe the very simple ones. I like the idea of listening to the real spanish being spoken, but I can not pick up on many of the words. Thanks for what you have done.

  10. Ben Post author

    Hi Christie,

    Welcome to NIS. We include written transcripts of all our audio, vocab etc in the worksheets that accompany our podcasts.

    Saludos from Madrid,


  11. Lesley

    Hola Ben y Marina

    I really enjoy listening to your audio. It is a great backup to my weekly Spanish lessons. My husband and I are regular visitors to a part of Spain where not much English is spoken so I am making an effort to learn the lingo.


  12. Anna

    Hola Marina y Ben!
    Soy húngara. Vivo en Budapest la capital de Húngria. Estudio en inglés y ya estudio en espanol ahora con vosotros. 🙂 Yo creo que vuestro/a podcast es muy interesante y bueno/a / I don’t know, that “podcast” is feminim or masculin :-)))/ Escucho MP3 cada día mientras que voy a mi conveniencia.

    Thank you for your great podcast!


  13. Ben Post author

    I’m really glad you like it Anna! I think podcast is masculine to answer your question, no idea why though!

  14. Courtney Williams

    Fabuloso! This is so fresh and modern. The 2 of you are really having fun while “teaching”. Nothing sonds even remotely like the langage lab days of yesterday. I consider myself more of an advanced speaker; nonetheless I learned some great colloquialisms, like ‘Me mola…” And Radiohead was the perfect example as well. A mi me mola Radiohead, tambien!! Keep up the great work!!

  15. Olwen

    Hola Ben y Marina,

    He escuchado algunos de los podcasts intermediatos (?) y la Crisis Collection y decidí empezar con el primer podcast porque me gusta muchísima las palabras nuevas que daís desde los primeros. Además es una oportunidad de aprender más sobre la vida española. Me encanta – gracias y saludos desde Bristol.

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